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Free eBooks

Several of our eBooks are converted to ePub3, the latest standard for eBooks. They are made available for free download to test on other eReader devices and apps or to see how we did it.

I Love To Doodle
Bella The Dragon
A New Day
Learn SVG Interactively
I Love To Color, Play, & Learn

Remember these books are still protected by copyright laws!

Bella's Animal Match

Bella's Animal Match is a classic memory game featuring the animals from the book Bella and the Year of the Dragon

Click here to install it or click here to play online.

Bella's Animal Picture Cubes

Bella's Animal Picture Cubes is a 2 page PDF for printing that can then be cutout, folded, and glued or taped together to form a cube. Each cube has 6 animals, so 2 cubes are needed for all 12 animals.

SVG Doodles

SVG Doodles included in the book I Love To Doodle are available on this web site so you don't have to type the code. From the SVG Doodles Menu, click on the desired doodle, then right click and select view source to see the source code. Remember the doodles are still protected by copyright laws!